10 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2015

1. It’s About Wellth, Not Wealth

   That’s right: balance is the new achievement. Working 80 hours a week in a soulless job that brings home a pot of gold is losing its luster. We’ve gone from “profit to purpose.”

Photo credit from: Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less

2. The Rise Of Stealthy Healthy Restaurants

       We’re going to see more hot restaurants serving up healthy fare without marketing themselves as “healthy.” Get ready to see more organic, farm-to-table ingredients, grass-fed meats, gluten-free options, and even green juice cocktails popping up on menus.

Photo credit from: Best Restaurants for Healthy Dining in Los Angeles

3. The Morning Party Is The New After Party

   Gone are the days of drinking too much at networking events. If you’re looking to network, prepare to show up at 6am and enjoy some group meditation, stone cold sober.

Photo credit from: in the City: Wake and Shake with Morning Gloryville’s Sober Raves

4. The Hottest Gym Is The Great Outdoors

   So many people have desk jobs now that the oldest gym on earth — the great outdoors — is becoming its most popular. Whether it’s running, hiking, playing sports, goofing around on a fire hydrant or a HIIT workout at the park, more and more people are taking their fitness outside, with 92% of our readers believing that exercising outdoors is the best option.

Photo credit from: Hottest Trend in Fitness: The Great Outdoors

5. The Ideal Body Is The One You Have

    People are embracing skinny, svelte, strong and everything in between. It’s not all about that bass, it’s about liking what you’ve got.Feeling good is the new looking good.

Photo credit from: workout plans

6. It’s Time To Take Note Of Telomeres

    Pronounced tell-em-eers, these little “buffers at the end of chromosomes” are the keys to aging or reversing aging.In late 2013 Dr. Dean Ornish got lots of attention for a study that suggested that lifestyle and dietary changes such as practicing meditation, yoga, and eating more plants could help lengthen telomeres, which effectively had the power to reverse the aging process.

Photo credit from: Steps To A Longer Life

7. Fitness Omnivores

    Most people are no longer monogamous when it comes to fitness. Rarely does someone “just do yoga” or “just run” or “just hit the gym.” In our recent reader survey, we found that most of our readers practice two or more activities during the week.

Photo credit from: From My Yoga Mat

8. Supply Chain Transparency In Fashion

     Transparency in their supply chain, informing consumers about everything from when clothing was made, where it was made, what material was used, and whether workers received fair wages to make it.


9. Supplement Start-Ups

  The supplement aisle is the most confusing one at the grocery store, typically filled with unfamiliar brands, labels that no one can understand, and, unfortunately, a staff that isn’t educated on what the supplements can actually do!

Photo credit from: B may lower stroke risk

10. Functional Medicine Goes Mainstream

       When eating for optimal health, people tend to be in two camps: Paleo or vegan. He defines this way of eating as a healthy diet with a focus on whole, fresh, sustainably raised food and a high percentage of fruits and vegetables.

wellness trends to watch in 2015
photo credit from: Why Functional Medicine Is The Future Of Health


SOURCE: 10 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2015


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